BP 101Y

  • 60 Memories Function
  • Irregular heartbeat (IHB) Indicator
  • Blood Pressure classification (WHO) ADAPTER
Measuring Principle Oscillometric method
Measurement Localization Upper arm
Cuff Size Limb circumference size: 22 – 32cm
Measuring accuracy Pressure: + 3mmHg
Pulse:+ 5% of reading
Transportation stocks of environmental condition Environment temperature: -20C – 60C,
relative humidity: 10 – 95%RH,
Atmospheric pressure: 80KPa – 10KPa

If you suffer from high or low blood pressure, having a personal blood pressure monitor is the ideal way to keep track of your blood pressure readings, the Stanom BP101Y is fast, precise and easy to use; with just the push of one button you will have an accurate reading from the comfort of your home.
Using the Stanom BP101Y is not a substitute to visiting your doctor, it’s not meant to diagnose or cure any disease, if symptoms persist please visit your physician, Read instructions carefully before use. Product might differ slightly from image on package.