BK 6032

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Last Data Average
Product name Stanom Full-auto Digital Blood
pressure Monitor
Product No BK6032
Display type Digital form
Method Oscillometric
Measure range 0-300mmHg (pressure) 40-200
pulse / min (pulse)
Data Memory 60 sets (Bp/pulse/Date/Time)
M1, M2, 30 sets apice
Accuracy +/- 3mmHg(pressure) +/- 40-200 pulse /min (pulse)
Pressurization Intelligent automatic Pressurization
Depressurization Automatic constant speed exhaust
Pressure detection Capacitance type pressure sensor
Life battery Approximately 6 months
(temperature 22 around, ones per day)
Battery management 3 minutes Power-off / low battery indicator
Operation environment +5C , -/+ 40C 15%RH – 85%RH
Storage environment -20C , -/+ 50C 15%RH – 85%RH
Weight 610g (battery included)
Dimensions 150mm * 120mm * 85mm
Cuff size 480mm * 145mm
Enclosed Cuff, Batteries, and Manual instruction

Managing your health is all about understanding the signals of your body. Your health can be managed in a variety of ways. However, to really manage your blood pressure, it should be measured on a daily basis.

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