BK 1016B

  • Auscultatory blood pressure measurement without mercury
  • Pressure level marker button for useful reminders
  • LCD desplay
Measure unit mmHg (kpa)
Minimal scale LCD column: 2mmHg(0.26kpa)
Numerical display: 1mmHg(0.13kpa)
Measure method Stethoscopy
Measure scope LCD column: 0-300mmHg (0-40kpa)
Numerical display: 0-300mmHg (0-40kpa)
Overpressure warning LCD top will flash when pressure is
more than 315mmHg (42kpa)
Available discrepancy +/- 3mmHg (0.4kpa)
Pulse rate 30-200 / Min, +/- 5%
Pressurization Manual by latex bulb
Depressurization Manual by air release valve
Power supply 4.5V , AA*3, or USB type AC adapter
Relative humidity 30% - 85%
Operation environment +10C - +60C

Managing your health is all about understanding the signals of your body. Your health can be managed in a variety of ways. However, to really manage your blood pressure, it should be measured on a daily basis.

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